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Infiray Saim SCP19W


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High image quality

Built-in InfiRay detector and matched with Matrix Ⅲ TM's powerful algorithm designed to increase image clarity and overall image detail. Matrix Ⅲ TM results in a sharper, more detailed field of view and improved object identification capabilities. The Saim series provides high image quality, automatically improves image contrast and strengthens the image hierarchy to find the target faster.

User-friendly menus

Simple and easy to use is the original design intention of the Saim series. Complete icon design, easy to understand and transparent background design of the menu can effectively avoid occlusion vision. Internal menu items and options are also displayed on a contrasting gradient substrate so you can keep an eye on the settings without losing sight of the target.

External power supply

The working time can be significantly extended by connecting with high-capacity external power supply units, i.e. portable power source via Type-C cable included in the package.

Compact size and lightweight

With a reasonable layout, compact structure and light weight, the Saim series is more comfortable and more suitable for outdoor use than before.

High impact resistance

The Saim series has exceptionally high impact resistance up to 1000G.

Built-in VCR and WiFi connection

The Saim series is equipped with a 16GB recorder that enables video recording and picture taking at the time of observation. 16GB which can support storage of about 20,000 images. Video and photo files saved in the internal memory can be transferred to a computer via wired connection or to a phone via WiFi. The product's WiFi hotspot supports the simultaneous connection of four devices.

Long detection range 1800 meters

Actual detection range of a human figure (1.8×0.5 m) in the field (the person is wearing outerwear, in the field against the background of the forest for the Saim thermal scope up to 1818 meters, depending on the model.



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