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Rain & water

Moisture & Rain

Important information about the tent fabric & moisture!

Our tents can withstand rain & water, but like all other fabrics, it can start to rot if it is damp for a long time.

Remember not to leave the tent damp when folding your roof tent. Always try to keep the tent dry.

It rains during the night & there is a break during the day. Fold up your tent while you stop for lunch. In 30-40 minutes, much of the moisture has time to dry.

Make sure the tent is COMPLETELY dry before storing it closed for an extended period of time.
If you drive with the tent on the car, we recommend that you open the tent as often as you can when it is dry to ventilate.
At the corners of the transport chapel there are holes where moisture & water can penetrate even if the tent was dry when you folded it.

Water pillars

The water gap in waterproof materials is defined as the water pressure where the fabric is still waterproof. A fabric with a given hydrostatic head of 2000 mm can withstand a water pressure in 2 meters deep water.

Our tents have a water column of 3000mm + 3000mm.


What is more important than the water column is how the material in the tent works and the seams. 

All tent material has thousands of holes in it which absorbs the first raindrops and makes the tent completely tight. 

The special yarn that swells on contact with water and is used by most well-known manufacturers to avoid the occurrence of rain. 

Before first use, the yarn manufacturers recommend rubbing the seam with warm water 3 times at intervals of one day .... Hardly anyone does. As a consequence, the first raindrops can enter the material until the yarn is swollen. To avoid this, all our rip-stop tents are also sealed from the inside with a narrow tape.


Our tents use YKK.


Fabric molds when it is damp for a long time.

Therefore, BE CAREFUL to ventilate your roof tent (if it is on the car) at least once a week, even if you folded it dry.

Condensation forms when the temperature drops overnight (if you do not use the tent).




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